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Adult Speech Therapy

Connect Speech Therapy now offer adult teletherapy services.  Our convenient teletherapy model brings highly qualified providers directly to you- no need to travel through harsh weather conditions or disrupt your busy schedule.  Let us come to you! Call or drop us a message to learn more about our convenient, effective, speech therapy services!

On a Video Call
We are gladly accepting referrals for adults with a variety of conditions, including: 
  • voice impairments​
  • cognitive impairments/decline
  • acquired apraxia of speech
  • dysarthria
  • stuttering
  • aphasia
  • long-term Covid-19 symptoms
  • developmental disabilities

Call today for a free consultation

Not sure when to refer your loved one?
There are a variety of lifelong conditions, medical events, and acquired conditions which may warrant speech therapy.
Some examples include:
  • dementia
  • stroke
  • traumatic brain injury
  • vocal fold injuries or paralysis
  • oral and laryngeal cancer
  • tracheostomy
  • hospitalization for Covid-19 (including prolonged intubation or sedation)
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