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Summer Programs

With appropriate documentation, we can bill Medicaid and offer insurance reimbursement for most camp sessions. Call 307-429-0837 with questions.

2024 camp registration is now open! We are offering one camp this year: Social Scientists. Please fill out the contact information below and we will follow up via email with further details and camp consent forms.  

Camp Details

Social Scientists 

Social Scientists is a fun social language group. This group is ideal for 8-14 year olds who struggle with confidence, making & keeping friends, problem solving, or maintaining conversations. Participants will complete fun tasks to help build these skills in a safe, supportive environment. Each daily topic is tied to a science experiment or exploration to keep things fun & engaging. Participants will also enjoy team building activities and structured play time each day. Don't miss your opportunity to join us! This fun camp is a crowd favorite and space is limited!

Articulation Bootcamp (not being offered in 2024)

Articulation Bootcamp is a fun speech group for elementary age children. This group is ideal for children who are difficult to understand or who have trouble saying specific sounds. This can be a beneficial added boost if your child receives speech therapy at school. Participants spend time rotating through articulation stations (including 1-on-1 time with the SLP), practicing speaking aloud to the group, making fun activities to practice at home, and playing with friends each day. Don't miss out on this fun enrichment opportunity (maximum 6 participants)!

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